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We frequently give presentations at meetings and events. Here you will find copies of our contributions in PDF format for you to download.

Presentation Details

Automated Approaches to GC/Q-TOF Analysis

Automating sample preparation for the GC/Q-TOF.

This talk was given by Dan Carrier, our Laboratory Manager, at the Agilent GC/Q-TOF UK User Group Meeting in Manchester, on the 5th and 6th October 2017.

High-Throughput VOC and Inorganic Gas Analysis: Automated SIFT-MS

Article published in the American Laboratory Jan/Feb 2017 Edition, by Mark Perkins (Anatune), Vaughan Langford and Murray McEwan (Syft Technologies).

Selected ion flow tube mass spectrometry (SIFT-MS) enables direct, real-time monitoring of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and inorganic gases.  Unlike traditional chromatography-based techniques, there is no requirement to separate compounds prior to analysis.  Not only can challenging compounds, such as formaldehyde, ammonia and small sulphur compounds be analysed without Derivatisation or preconcentration, but these analyses can be completed in seconds.  Automating these analyses realises the full potential of the fast SIFT-MS-based measurements for diverse applications.

Automation of Liquid-Liquid Extraction Methodologies using an On-line GERSTEL MPS with Agilent 5977B High Efficiency Source

This presentation discusses automation options such as mixing/vortexing, evaporation, derivatisation, centrifugation, and solid phase extraction.

This presentation was given at the Diamond Jubilee Year ChromSoc meeting hosted by Syngenta Research Laboratories in October 2016.

Automation of Sample Preparation using a GERSTEL MPS2

This presentation will take you through why we automate, how we automate, a demo of Automated Extraction and Analysis of Acid Herbicides, and a demo on Methanolic  Extraction of Soil.

This was presented at the Agilent Environmental & Food Mass Spec Meeting, Bristol, in January 2016.

Use of Automated Sample Preparation Techniques for Challenging Sample by GC/MS

This talk highlights the advantages of the automation of simple laboratory tasks which not only save time but also due to the reduction in solvent volume, were cheaper and safer.

This presentation was given at the Chromatrographic Society Meeting on Analytical Challenges and Solutions for Difficult Pharmaceutical Molecules, which was held on the GSK site in Ware, early November 2015.

Automated SPE for NDMA and Metaldehyde in water using GC-QqQ

This presentation shows how analysis for NDMA and Metaldehyde in water can be fully automated. The method uses automated solid phase extraction followed by GC-QqQ.

Automated Sample Preparation and Introduction for the Analysis of Unknowns

The workshop discussed sample preparation and introduction techniques that are suitable for the analysis of ‘unknowns’ in different matrices and why the MultiFlex GC/Q-TOF is such a significant product.

Dynamic Headspace Analytical Techniques

GERSTEL applications chemists in Japan and Germany have developed a new approach to dynamic headspace sampling (DHS Multi-Desorption), that enables components of all volatilities and all polarities to be extracted from liquid phase samples. What is more, this can be done without transferring excessive amounts of water into the GC-MS system.

Using Stir Bar Sorptive Extraction (SBSE) for Taste and Odour Measurements in Drinking Water

A presentation on ‘Using Stir Bar Sorptive Extraction (SBSE) for Taste and Odour Measurements in Drinking Water’, given by Jeff Stubbs and Andy Golby of Anatune Ltd, at the UK Water Industry, Mutual Aid Meeting, hosted by Welsh Water, in Newport, Gwent.

Use of Automated Sample Preparation Techniques with GC-SQ, QQQ, and QTOF for Aqueous Samples

This presentation was presented at the 2014 Worldwide Distilled Conference in Glasgow. The purpose of this presentation is to show how we can automate challenging applications in distilled spirits.